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Volunteers are the heart and backbone of the work we do at Master’s Manna. We are thankful for so many helping hands and generous hearts. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities during our regular hours of operation.

Ask yourself,  “How could I apply my passion to help and improve the lives of others?”

  • Prepare and serve food?
  • Share a cup of coffee and simply listen?
  • Help someone find the perfect outfit for a job interview?
  • Answer the phones?
  • Make an appointment?
  • Read to a child?
  • Plant a garden?
  • Organize a “fundraiser”?
  • Drive someone to the train station?

People not really your forte?  How about …

  • Fuel up the truck and van?
  • Pick up food any day of the week from a variety of sources?
  • Set up a computer?
  • Paint a wall?
  • Do a load of laundry?

Community service tasks and volunteer opportunities during operating hours and Saturdays include:

  • Sort Donations
  • Organize
  • Stock Shelves
  • Clean Floors, Bathroom, Halls, Office Space, Family Dining Area & Kitchen
  • Clean Outside Our Building (Seasonally appropriate tasks)

 It does not matter how young or young at heart you are…

… You are always welcome!!

If you really want to change YOUR world ~ VOLUNTEER!!!!

You may If you are interested in volunteering at Master’s Manna, Inc. simply call the facility at (203) 678-3042 for more information. You can speak with Sue for information relative to opportunities in the Food Pantry  and/or Toby for opportunities in the Kitchen or Family Dining Area.

You may never hear THE WORDS “Thank You” but

We can guarantee you will see a smile, dry a tear,

share a laugh, have your heart broken …

… and put back together again.