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Click here for Coronavirus COVID-19 Protocol  

Master’s Manna remains closed on Saturdays until further notice

JOB OPPORTUNITY:  Cook and Dining Area person needed.  Part time position.  If interested, please call 203.678.3042 – ask to speak with Bill Pursell or Ray Demers; or email your interest and contact information to them at

Donation of Goods


We gladly receive donations:

Monday ~ Friday: 9am to noon

Master’s Manna is deeply appreciative of every donation received.

Donations are received by our volunteers on the north side of the building.    Simply follow posted signage.

We accept the following items with pleasure:

FOOD:  Non-perishable foods, fresh vegetables from your garden, food prepared in a LICENSED kitchen that has NOT been compromised (ie – opened, placed on and served from a buffet, etc.),  personal care and  hygiene items and diapers (for infant/toddler and adult use)

WINTER CLOTHING:  Coats, jackets, mittens, gloves, and scarfs

Unfortunately, until the COVID-19 crises is resolved, the Marketplace at Master’s Manna will be closed. Please hold your donations of  toys, games, small household items, sheets, blankets, curtains,  until we are able to reopen the marketplace.

For Public Convenience, there are several locations off site where non-perishable foods may be donated.  They are located at:

(East Side)  5 Ice Pond Road, Wallingford    (24 /7)  non perishable food only

(West Side)  21 Haller Avenue, Yalesville     (24/7)   non perishable food only

WPAA-TV,  28 So Orchard St, Wallingford* (24/7)   non perishable food only    

East Center Market, Center Street, Wallingford   During normal business hours

Stop & Shop, North Colony Road, Wallingford   During normal business hours

Due to space restrictions at Master’s Manna, we are unable to accept the donation of the following items:

~ Furniture (in any condition)       ~ Tires

~  Televisions                                     ~  Computers/Monitors

~  Electronics                                     ~  Mattresses/Box Springs

~  Used Paint                                     ~  Bags of Trash

~  Used Fire Extinguishers              ~  Out of season clothing

We respectfully request donations be made only during posted hours.  Dropping donations when the facility is not open and unattended may result in damage and ruined goods due to unpredictable weather conditions.

DUMPING will not be tolerated

Master’s Manna does not have financial resources to serve as a “dump” for the general public. There are monitoring facilities installed around the building to record improper activity and dumping. These actions will be noted and forwarded to the appropriate authority for action.

Your compassion and concern for limitations of our financial resources.  Your willingness to follow the donation policy means Master’s Manna is able to focus the use of all resources to provide for the needs of the community.

Your compliance is anticipated and welcome.       

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.