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Weather related closures:  Master’s Manna is closed when Wallingford Public Schools are closed

Donations of seasonal clothing (only) is being accepted at the South Cherry Street facility. 

Details are available in the “Our Programs” section of our website.

Master’s Manna remains closed on Saturdays.


sponsorshipsA sponsor is an individual, company or group that provides ongoing monetary support. Rally your sports team, fraternity/sorority, civic organization, peers, etc. Start a “challenge”, set a goal and surpass that goal!

The following sponsorship opportunities are available at Master’s Manna:

Program Monthly Expense Annual Expense
Food Pantry $2,500 $30,000
Family Dining Center $1,800 $21,600
Market Place $1,800 $21,600
Laundry $500 $6,000
Vo & Ed Training $2,200 $26,400

To sponsor a Master’s Manna program, click here to make a donation or contact Master’s Manna directly at 203.678.3042 for additional information.