February STATS

We know that many of you love numbers (I am not one of those people ~ all Greek to me)!

  • 1368 Unduplicated individuals received food through the Food Pantry
  • 2 trucks are on the road 5 day a week reclaiming food from local food vendors
  • 38,134 POUNDS of food (free that would have been thrown away) was reclaimed, sorted and distributed
  • An additional 17,733 POUNDS of food (some purchased) was delivered by CT Food Bank and distributed
  • 6900 POUNDS of clothing donated, sorted and dispensed in the Market
  • Enough food was distributed to supply  1,368 individuals with enough food to prepare 49,248 MEALS
  • 2750 MEALS were prepared and served through the Family Dining Center
  • 2037.75 hours of volunteer time was documented